combines storytelling & technology to create ads that excite & entertain people.
creates ads that don't look like normal ads.
is a group creative director / executive director digital content at Translation.
is an agile multidisciplinary hybrid full-stack creative gypsy.
has more bullsh*t buzzwords than you and has a lot of #dadjokes.
writes ideas, copy, code, propositions and the odd TV script.
creates integrated campaigns, experiential, social content and goofy stuff.
mentors creatives and coders to help make their work exceptional.
creates prototypes that make you fall in love with ideas.
has directed photoshoots & video content.
creates things that allow people to tell their own story.
loves giving brands a reason to talk in culture.
hand coded this website in two hours so it might break.
was a judge at the D&AD awards. It was nice.
is a vinyl nerd.