3M — LifeLab

Task — Getting millenials to care about an old school tape brand.

3M wanted to make a splash at the SXSW festival. I had a pretty simple idea.

Make an incredible looking tent from 3M materials and fill it with experiences.

The tent was built from 3M materials and a custom design of 3D printed parts.

Inside the tent were installations and activities designed to tell the story of how 3M affects your life in ways you didn't know.

Oh yeah. We got Tokimonsta to DJ with her heartbeat using a 3M stethoscope. Because.

Over 3 days, approx 9000 people came & loved it (including sci-fi author Bruce Sterling). Everyone Instgrammed the hell out of the tent too.

Role — Creative Director. Wrote & pitched the idea.

Led all aspects of design & experience. Led a huge team of architects and designers to make it happen.