Music makes me lose control

I love all music. I've been collecting records for a long time. This led me to create mixes, mashups and music.

I've DJ'ed and hosted many radio shows.

I ran one of the world's biggest record-collecting forums for 20 years, allowing me to travel the world and make many friends.

This led me to meet so many amazing producers and I ran a record label putting out music from the internet. This was in 2002!

I post rare records to Instagram which allows me to document my vinyl journey and continue to make friends along the way.

I bring my love for music into my work. I've worked with many major labels and created music-led projects Google Play Music, Facebook, HBO, Revolt and many more.

My dream is to work on more music content franchises and experience ideas. I have so many I want to make.

Below are some playlists I've made of music I enjoy.