Task — Getting millenials to care about an old school tape brand.

3M wanted to make a splash at the SXSW festival. I had a pretty simple idea — Make an incredible-looking tent from 3M materials and fill it with experiences.

The tent was built from 3M materials and a custom design of 3D printed parts.

Inside the tent were installations and activities designed to tell the story of how 3M affects your life in ways you didn't know.

Over 3 days, approx 9000 people came & loved it (including sci-fi author Bruce Sterling).

Role — Creative Director. Wrote & pitched the idea. Led all aspects of design & experience. Led a huge team of architects and designers to make it happen.

Oh yeah. We got Tokimonsta to DJ with her heartbeat using a 3M stethoscope. Because.

The experience looked amazing on social.

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