Task — Turn a race finish line into a running celebration.

Every March, 20,000 runners brave the Chicago cold to kick off the season for the Shamrock Shuffle.

Nike wanted to create a retail experience at the finish line for exclusive apparel but also celebrate that a runner gets more when they go more.

We took a simple 60x40 tent and transformed it into a Shamrock design inspired celebration.

Outside the tent were giant Shamrock signs as photo moments. Inside, a 3D anamorphic display of Chicago became a photo moment. A giant screen would trigger through RFID sensors to show your running time as you entered the space. A custom infinity photo booth made you appear to "Run to infinity".

The interior design of the tent was made from raw, honest materials like OSB wood and scaffolding. A giant Shamrock light canopy created an additional photo moment and utility.

Role — Executive Creative Director. Wrote & pitched the idea. Directed the teams for design and build.

Thousands of runners came through over two days.