Task — Take the global phenomena - Squid Game and turn this into an intense game experience.

Squid Game needed to leap off the screen into the real world.

At Superfly, we won the pitch to produce, create and operate the first immersive squid game gaming experience.

Role — Executive Creative Director. Wrote and directed the pitch creative. Formed a great team of Gigantic Mechanic, Future Colossal, 2 player, Ron Beach Jr to help write, design and create the games for the entire experience. Wrote & directed hundreds of pieces of audio and video content. Directed 20+ Actors. Couldn't have been more hands-on in making it happen.

We created a world within a world.

Guests enter the Night Market where they can hang out, take a drink, shop or enjoy photo moments.

Players are face scanned as they are given a wristband and number.

From there, players enter into the bunk room and are indoctrinated into The Trials.

Along the way there are twists, turns, subterfuge and intense drama.

Players earn points in Memory Steps, Marbles, Harvest Festival, Warships, Red Light Green Light, and a thrilling Egg & Spoon finale.


The word on the street.

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